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Safe-T-Stop Brake and Wheel Alignment Testing Centre.

Our Safe-T-Stop platetronic equipment is a fast efficient method of testing vehicle brakes, wheel alignment and shock absorbers during a short drive on test and can also double as a weighbridge.

KATS Automotive Services is an Authorised Safe-T-Stop brake and wheel alignment testing centre

As an authorised Safe-T-Stop centre we are equipped with a platetronic skid plate brake test machine.  

This machine actually simulates and measures the precise brake force distributions on each wheel under heavy braking [e.g. an emergency situation].

Shock absorbers and wheel alignment are also tested at the same time while your vehicle is on our equipment - all while being driven into our workshop.

Brake testing

The brake force of each individual wheel is measured. Seized callipers, leaking wheel cylinders, leaking axle seals, collapsed or blocked brake hoses, faulty or wrongly adjusted proportioning valves and master cylinder problems are detected immediately.

These cause dangerous side to side and front to rear brake imbalances that will, in an emergency brake application, cause a vehicle to spin out of control.  

The computer generated report of these imbalances makes it fast and easy to diagnose problems. Imagine taking your vehicle to an ordinary repairer with a problem and having to pay the labour to manually diagnose any of these problems.

The diagnoses will also detect potential problems or safety issues you didn't know you had ensuring that your car will be safe for you and your family. The brake tester and its operation are fully approved by the Qld Transport so no more road testing is required.

Alignment Tester

EVERY car entering our workshop is tested for front and rear alignment. The side slip alignment tester is state of the art technology, designed for our harsh driving conditions. Excessive tyre wear provided caused by faulty wheel alignment is diagnosed in seconds.

This tester is guaranteed to maximise the tyre performance of any vehicle whilst at the same time keeping fuel consumption to a minimum as you are minimising the drag of the vehicle's tyres.

Shock Absorber test

Faulty shock absorbers cause excessive tyre wear and uneven vehicle balance leading to major safety issues. Each individual shock absorber is tested for both compression and rebound.   Results are shown clearly in an easy to read format of percentages from firm to soft


Our Safe-T-Stop equipment doubles as weigh bridge.

Why would I need a weigh bridge? Easy - Trailers weighing over 750 kgs loaded must have brakes. Check the weight of your trailer and load before you get caught.

Towing a caravan or boat - there are very strict laws on weight of van or boat trailer. All vehicles have a maximum towing capacity and each tow bar fitted to a vehicle has a maximum load rating. For safe, legal and comfortable towing these ratings must not be exceeded. Give yourself peace of mind before you leave on your trip to your favourite caravan park or head to the water. Come in and see us to check that everything is safe and legal.


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