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 KATS Automotive Services - FAQ´s

Will I void my new car warranty if I don’t go back to my dealership? NO! KATS will stamp and sign your logbook. We will use parts that meet or surpass the OEM standards.
Do KATS have the equipment to do the job? Yes… KATS have the very latest sophisticated diagnostic equipment to perform the latest processes, for sure!
Do you do the work yourself, or do you farm it out to other workshops? Definitely! KATS do everything in-house. We are licensed to perform Qld Transport Safety Certificate inspections; air conditioning servicing and repairs. We boast the latest on car disc brake lathe for disc rotor machining, power steering and cooling system flushing stations, brake and clutch fluid servicing, wheel alignment and wheel balancing equipment and much, much more!
Can I get a quote, and does it include labour, parts and GST? Yes, KATS will give you an estimate including all those things. We would rather over estimate than give you a shock after the service/repair. We discuss what we do and why. We advise all known and expected costs, but as you can appreciate when a Doctor operates they may be prepared to carry out a certain procedure but cannot envisage further concerns that are not obvious at your initial examination. Cars are like that too.

Until we start dismantling (operating) sometimes we find other worn, faulty or suspect components that could cause you concerns. At this time our Service Consultant would contact you with our recommendation, and a full explanation. Our policy is that we advise you and make recommendations using our vast experience, then the choice is yours as to what you choose to authorize.
Do you have loan cars? Yes, but you need to book one when you make your appointment.
Can you give me a lift? Yes, locally after 8.30am by prior arrangement.
Is there public transport available? Yes, bus and train lines nearby.
Do you remind me my service is due again? Yes, by email or letter.
Can I get my car back the same day? Yes, wherever possible. But we will advise you well in advance if it is not possible!
Can I talk to a mechanic? Yes, as soon as one is available (If not pre-arranged)
Where are you? We are in the same street as Kennards Hire, Surbuban Mirror and Glass and right next door to the Greek Yogurt Company at East Brisbane. We are also in the same vicinity as the Lord Stanley Hotel and the Cottage Garden Nursery. If in doubt refer the “Contact us” page for the map.
Do you have an early bird key drop off? Yes, in front of our building attached to the right hand fence.
Are you open on weekend? No, our trading hours are Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm but we do have loan cars available.
Our focus is keeping you and your family safe
We offer honesty and fair prices
Personal attention you can trust
We use quality parts and offer quality service
We offer 100% Guaranteed services
(refer conditions)