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 KATS Automotive Services - Our Guarantee

Delivering the highest level of service is our top priority!

100% Parts and Service Guarantee
We personally guarantee you that you will be 100% satisfied with our professional personal service and the workmanship carried out on your vehicle

We guarantee to service and repair your vehicle right the first time or it’s FREE until we do.”

You get the reliability of the Repco Authorised Service network for 12 month or 20,000km guarantee on all repairs Australia Wide! This network is the Australia’s largest car service network! If you have any problems call us and we’ll arrange to carry out the work again for FREE.
* Conditions apply.

When you have your car serviced or repaired, we guarantee to fix it right the first time or it’s free until we do. This warranty applies only to items that we have repaired, now that should not surprise you, I’m sure. You wouldn’t expect us to guarantee something we haven’t touched, nobody else does regardless of what business they are in.

So If your car has a coolant leak from the radiator and we fix it, and two days later it starts to leak coolant again from the water pump, that’s not covered under warranty. Yes, it did leak coolant again, but not from the same place as before; so in this case it’s not a warranty claim. The same with oil leaks for example. There are several places where your engine can leak oil from.
We stand by our guarantees and if you do have a problem with our workmanship, we are more than happy to rectify the problem free of charge as we should!
The following Testimonial was independently passed onto Repco Authorised Service Head Office by one of our clients “Excellent service and communication with me. Great job! I’ll be back J - Alex M
(Original document held at KATS Automotive Services as well as many others).


Our focus is keeping you and your family safe
We offer honesty and fair prices
Personal attention you can trust
We use quality parts and offer quality service
We offer 100% Guaranteed services
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